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goop – Gwyneth Paltrow & Bryce Dallas Howard

PPD is certainly not limited to just “average” families; celebrities in our culture are afforded a certain elevate status, but they can become mothers too. And some of them also experience postpartum depression. Gwyneth Paltrow & Bryce Dallas Howard both opened up about their experiences¬†on Ms. Paltrow’s digital media and e-commerce company,

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The Washington Post

Nadia was interviewed by The Washington Post, though less as the founder of PSMd and more as a mother coming off of PPD and into pregnancy. She contributed to the “On Parenting” blog series in an article by Jennifer Kogan. The article was written in direct response to a study in Human Reproduction. Read the […]

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To Write Love On Her Arms

We’ve already been able to do a little bit of media outreach, despite our brief tenure. Nadia spread the word through TWLOHA just after her daughter’s 2nd birthday. She outlined her experiences in a blog titled FACING THE REALITY OF POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION. This was the first time Nadia told her story to people she didn’t […]

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