Nadia Monroe

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Nadia Monroe suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her first daughter in 2010. After her recovery, she vowed to help other mothers in similar situations. She and her supportive husband, Jason, became trained volunteers for Postpartum Support International, started a free peer support group near their home, and eventually founded Postpartum Support Maryland. Nadia’s professional background is in Human Resources. She now has two daughters. She did not experience PPD with her second birth, but she developed severe preeclampsia during her pregnancy and after 11 weeks of bed rest her second daughter was born 9 weeks premature and spent 45 days in the NICU. Nadia hopes her experiences with each birth will enable her to help other mothers feel less alone and recover faster.

Board Members:

Julie Epstein

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Julie Epstein’s first personal encounter with PPD was when fellow new mom Nadia Monroe experienced it. Nadia’s struggle was heartbreaking, but her triumphant spirit in confronting PPD, as well as her determination in helping other mothers do the same, proved inspiring. Julie is thrilled to be on the board of directors for such an invaluable and much-needed resource for moms in our state. Her professional background is in outreach and finance management, as well as in marketing and communications for the nonprofit sector.

Emily Pyenson

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Emily Pyenson is the mother of one son born in December 2009. She experienced post-partum depression while navigating the challenges of a premature baby in the NICU and a cross-country move with a five-month old baby. When she arrived in the DC area, she was able to find some resources that helped her eventually overcome her PPD through therapy, peer support and acupuncture. Now she hopes to help organize resources for other moms facing PPD so that no one has to suffer alone.  Before the birth of her son, Emily worked in fundraising and non-profit management. Now she stays home during the academic year and works during the summer at a language immersion program for youth.

Dr. Sarah Schooler

Dr. Schooler

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Sarah Schooler is a pediatrician in Silver Spring. When she isn’t taking care of other people’s adorable babies and children in the office, she is home playing with her own two! As a medical professional, she has a unique angle on postpartum depression, and brings education and resources to bear on the board.