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Congressional Action

Currently, our United States Congress has a bill making no progress, but designed to address Postpartum depression in the most basic way: by allowing the Department of Health & Human Services to make grants to States for screening and treatment for maternal depression. Each house of Congress has a bill proposed (Senate: S. 2311; House: […]

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Hayden Panettiere

Save the cheerleader, save the world? Not exactly, but news of Hayden Panettiere’s struggles with PPD might be having a positive impact. We are seeing someone in the media proactively seeking help for postpartum depression, and that has the potential to stymie the stigma that is so often associated with keeping moms in the dark. […]

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Maryland State Task Force

We can officially announce that our founder, Nadia Monroe, has been appointed to the state’s brand new Task Force for Maternal Mental Health. She received her official letter from Governor Hogan today. The group will be meeting and assessing ways to better aid new mothers during the perinatal period: during pregnancy and after. The goal […]

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PMH Guide on Postpartum Progress

Friend of PSMd Kisha Semenuk was spotlighted on Postpartum Progress, the highest profile and well-respected blog related to all things maternal mental health. Her work creating the DC-area Perinatal Mental Health Guide brought her to the attention of the editorial staff. Congratulations, Kisha!

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Perinatal Mental Health Resource Guide

UPDATE: The resource guide is now available online, and for download! PSMd has very exciting news about a brand-new, comprehensive, up-to-date resource guide for Perinatal Mental Health in the DC Metro Area. The DMV PMH Resource Guide was created and developed by Kisha Semenuk, an experienced frontline labor & delivery nurse, who recently received her […]

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New York Times Health

The New York Times recently published an article about PPD, and other Maternal Mental Illness. This is a good sign in terms of increased awareness for PPD, PP-OCD, and the myriad other perinatal mood disorders mothers face. An excerpt: Postpartum depression isn’t always postpartum. It isn’t even always depression. A fast-growing body of research is […]

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Huffington Post – Bridget Reddan

The Huffington Post has a Parents section, and they do periodically address PPD. Their bloggers give insights and are helping diminish the stigma. And they can be helpful in spreading hope, too. Bridget Reddan shares her story, and reminds us all that there is indeed the potential for a beautiful ending to your struggles with […]

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Huffington Post – Christine Organ

Note: This article initially appeared on Christine’s blog. The Huffington Post recently published an article on postpartum depression. It conveys what many experience in the disconnect between the faces we show for the camera and the reality when the camera is turned elsewhere. Christine Organ, blogger and HuffPo contributor, tells her story (dating back 7 […]

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The Post on PPD

After the tragedy involving Miriam Carey and her attempt to ram into the White House and Capitol, there has been speculation (fueled by her mother saying it) that she suffered from PPD. It’s more likely, given the limited facts we have, that she suffered from postpartum psychosis, not unlike Cynthia Wachenheim, a New York city […]

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Washington DC Car Chase

News outlets are reporting that the woman involved in the recent incident on Capitol Hill was suffering from postpartum depression or psychosis. This is an important opportunity to shine light on how real, common, and treatable perinatal mental health disorders are. Perinatal mood disorders range in severity widely. While 20% of new mothers suffer from […]

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