Washington Post Express

Recently, the Washington Post Express ran a men’s health issue, including an article on the man’s experience with PPD. The author got in touch with us to get our perspective, and we tried to help guide him down the right path. There are still a lot of unknowns about men and PPD, but we are […]

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goop – Gwyneth Paltrow & Bryce Dallas Howard

PPD is certainly not limited to just “average” families; celebrities in our culture are afforded a certain elevate status, but they can become mothers too. And some of them also experience postpartum depression. Gwyneth Paltrow & Bryce Dallas Howard both opened up about their experiences¬†on Ms. Paltrow’s digital media and e-commerce company, goop.com.

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The Washington Post

Nadia was interviewed by The Washington Post, though less as the founder of PSMd and more as a mother coming off of PPD and into pregnancy. She contributed to the “On Parenting” blog series in an article by Jennifer Kogan. The article was written in direct response to a study in Human Reproduction. Read the […]

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To Write Love On Her Arms

We’ve already been able to do a little bit of media outreach, despite our brief tenure. Nadia spread the word through TWLOHA just after her daughter’s 2nd birthday. She outlined her experiences in a blog titled FACING THE REALITY OF POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION. This was the first time Nadia told her story to people she didn’t […]

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